Warning Signs Your Home’s Electricity Is Outdated

You use electricity in your home every single day, and you likely don't think about whether your wiring needs to be updated or not. In fact, your electricity issues may not even bother to you until it starts to fail. The reality is, your home may have outdated electrical components that can be potentially unsafe. Here are common warning signs that you may need to have some electrical upgrades so your home can be safe again.

Age of your home

If your house was built in the 60s or 70s, the electrical may be outdated. Past owners of your house may have updated faulty or dangerous wiring and installations that are not up to code, but you should still have an electrician inspect your wiring to make sure it is not outdated and potentially unsafe.

Aluminum wiring and insulation wear

Common connector wires by today's standards are made of copper, but many older homes have aluminum connectors in their electrical wiring. If they are still intact, they may be considered safe, but aluminum wears down over time. This can lead to sparking, loss of power, flickering lights, and even breaker outages. Aluminum wiring should be replaced with copper, even if they are still in working condition, to prevent fires and other electrical danger.

Insulation around wiring also wears out over time. If you notice exposed wires or other issues in your home, you may need to have your electrical looked at so problem areas can be updated.

Faulty power

Outdated wiring can lead to more than aesthetic issues, it can actually cause problems when your power is on. Signs your electricity needs attention due to faulty power include:

  • dimming or flickering lights
  • volume changes in the television when other power sources are used
  • hot or burned outlets
  • constantly tripping breaker
  • ungrounded outlets

Never ignore these signs that your electrical is a danger, even if your power appears to be just fine. The longer a home goes without updating its electrical wiring connections and other issues, the more at risk for a fire it becomes.

Your home may have faulty or outdated wiring, and the issue can be resolved one room at a time. Hire an electrician to inspect your home to make needed electrical repairs and upgrades, so your home remains safer for you to live in. The sooner you address potential electrical problems, the more confident you can feel in the safety of your home.